CDs MOTH001- Senor Droolcup- Left Turn from the Right Lane (1999) MOTH002- All Hail... Senor Droolcup (2000) MOTH003- V/A- Pure Punk (2001) MOTH004- Senor Droolcup- High Standards of Low Quality (2001) MOTH005- V/A- The Super Drag Tribute Project (2001) MOTH006/Splater Plater 004- V/A- Pure Punk 2: Midwest Mayhem (2002) MOTH007- Senor Droolcup- Hard Up (2003) MOTH1-009- The Nature Boy- High on Strife (2004) MOTH008- Jimmy C and the Nature Boy- Cardboard Dancefloor (2005) MOTH009- The Nature Boy- Broken Record: Vol 1 (A Live Mix) (2005) MOTH010- Jimmy C and the Nature Boy- Beat Theater (2005) MOTH011- Reanimated- Hits from the Crypt (2005) MOTH012- The Nature Boy- A Collection Of Old Mixes 1997-2004 (2006) MOTH013- Reanimated- Live at the Uptown 2/18/2006 (2006) MOTH014- Person X- Escape from the Third Free World (2006) MOTH015- Reanimated- Charred Bones (2007) MOTH016- Person X- Wreck the Flow (2008) MOTH017- Type Jordan/Person X- Concrete Diaries & Lemmon Laws (2009) MOTH018- Garden Plot Jackals- Burn Your Cash (2010) MOTH019- Person X- Sad Sack Sucker Syndrome (2010) MOTH020- Barely-Free Partial Prisoners- A Poem, A Gun (2011) MOTH021- Person X- Heal Thyself + (2011) MOTH022- Person X- Selected Intrumentals (2006-2011) (2011) MOTH3LBS01- Barely Free Partial Prisoners- 3LBS of Flax vol 1 (2012) MOTH3LBS02- Barely Free Partial Prisoners- 3LBS of Flax vol 2 (2012) MOTH3LBS03- Barely Free Partial Prosoners- 3LBS of Flax vol 3 (2013) EPs MOTHep025- Senor Droolcup- Dream Girl ep (2001) MOTHep050- Senor Droolcup- Voodoo Island ep (2002) MOTHep074- Senor Droolcup- She’s So Illegal (2003) MOTHep075- Senor Droolcup- Ditchin' Me Girl (2003) MOTHep100- Jimmy C and the Nature Boy- Digital Beatbox ep (2005) MOTHep101- Person X- My City (Person X remix) ep (2005) MOTHep102- Person X- Outlaws Are Free ep (2006) MOTHep103- Person X- Nothing at All ep (2006) MOTHep104- Person X- (Ghost) Riders in the Sky ep (2006) MOTHep105- Person X- The One/Wrights ep (2008) MOTHep106- Person X- The One/Just What You Need ep (2008) MOTHep107- Person X- Heal Thyself (2009) MOTHep108- Person X- Wreck the Show Summer Sampler (2009) MOTHep109- Person X- Proletarian & The Nature Boy Live @ KDHX (2009) MOTHep110- Final Drive- Under the Remix of Person X (2010) Cassettes MOTHcass01- Senor Droolcup- Every Thursday ep (1999) MOTHcass02- Senor Droolcup- Offending You ep (2000) Mothrasegg Releases