Person X- Sad Sack Sucker Syndrome MOTH019 (2010) $7.00 Free When his pockets are bare, he’s Mr. Nowhere Final Drive- Under the Remix of Person X MOTHep110 (2010) Person X- Heal Thyself + MOTH021 (2011) $7.00 Person X- Selected Instrumentals (2006-2011) MOTH022 (2011) $7.00 Free Person X- Proletarian and the Nature Boy Live @ KDHX MOTHep109 (2009) Free Type Jordan / Person X- Concrete Diaries & Lemmon Laws MOTH017 (2009) Unavailable Person X- Wreck the Show Summer Sampler MOTHep108 (2009) Free Person X- Heal Thyself MOTHep107 (2009) $7.00 Person X- Wreck the Flow MOTH016 (2008) Free Person X- The One / Just What You Need ep MOTHep106 (2008) Free Person X- The One / Wrights ep MOTHep105 (2008) Free Person X- (Ghost) Riders in the Sky ep MOTHep104 (2006) Free Person X- Escape from the 3rd Free World MOTH014 (2006) Free Person X- Nothing at All ep MOTHep103 (2006) Free Person X- Outlaws are Free ep MOTHep102 (2006) Free Person X- My City ep MOTHep101 (2005)