Barely Free Partial Prisoners The Nature Boy Mothrasegg News Welcome to Mothrasegg Entertainment. We are an independant collective of people with ideas that express those ideas through music. Explore. Great Scott! The Nature Boy is taking us back to the ‘80s with a 60 minute DJ mix of all his favorite jams Throw down some cardboard and get ready to rock it old skool. Available now! The dynamic team of Rooster Doctor, Rikshaw, Proletarian and the Nature Boy are back to continue the series entitled ‘3 Pounds of Flax’. This will be a 9 part digital and CD release of eps to be followed up by a 10th vinyl release with all of the best tracks from the first 9. Each ep will contain one of nine puzzle peices to make up the cover to the tenth, final and vinyl release. The third ep is available now.